Monday, 1 September 2008

Quality time spent thinking?

Brainstorming session a success!
The Rema team spent two days with Mission International director, Hugh Henderson considering how both organisations can work more closely in partnership in the future. Rema is a strategic organisation in Burundi, their involvement in mission and evangelism, discipleship training, HIV/AIDS and health care, youth work as well as reconciliation and peace building allows them to touch a wide range of individuals in a variety of communities across the nation. Poverty is a subject which touches everyone in Burundi, every strata of society is affected in many different ways. For some it is the annoyance of beggars requiring money and for others it is the continual quest for the fundamentals which support life itself. The group brainstormed their thoughts on the subject which was a great learning experience and time, so often given to cope with the busyness of life and work, was set aside to think.

The Rema Centre library is the venue for the brainstorming sessions.

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