Saturday, 15 November 2008

Family resourced by Mission International sponsorship:

Mr Frederic Harerimana and his family start a business:
One of the REMA team and his family, now living in Bujumbura, Burundi have received a grant from Mission International to start a small income generating business. Frederic Harerimana was for years a refugee from Burundi living in camps in some of Burundi's neighbouring countries, eventually making his way to Nairobi, Kenya. It was there in the slums of Nairobi, that the REMA team began to dream of how they could return their beloved homeland and serve their people. The commitment of this team has been inspiring, however resources are so limited in Burundi, now the poorest country in the world.
Mission International is now partnering with REMA Ministries to find ways in which a strategic plan can be brought together to resource the REMA team in order that they are not forced out of their crucial ministry to find secular jobs to feed their families. The grant to Frederic and his family is one of the first of what we hope will be many, thus making it possible for Burundi's refugee community to be supported and served in the long term.

Frederic and his family:
Frederic stands with his son in the shop amongst the stock purchased in a bid to begin the new business

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