Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A brand new sewing machine for your patch:

Sewing machines, provided by donations made to Mission International have found their way to help refugee returnees in Burundi.   Families will now have the opportunity to break out of poverty as their income generating projects make a start.

The beautiful Palm Olive trees in the background may hide the picture of great need that is felt by so many in Burundi at present.   Many people have left now redundant and closing refugee camps in Tanzania and DR Congo to return home to start a new life.   For many it means the daily grind of trying to survive will continue indefinately but with a greater risk in their new surroundings.

Nitunga Francois and Theo Mbazumutima  two of the Rema Ministries personnel deliver a sewing machine to this lady, her opportunities for the future have now changed and have come into focus making it possible for her to use her tailoring skills to provide for hrself and her children.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Rema Strategic Support - Bee Project:

Bee project set to produce good income:
Theodore Mbazumutima, one of the Rema Ministries team in Burundi received a 'Strategic Support' grant from Mission International and has wasted no time in setting up a small income generating project for himself and his family.

Purpose of the 'Strategic Support' grant scheme:
Rema Ministries, a local NGO in Burundi is key to the success of many projects now in place for the benefit of refugee returnees now on their way back to Burundi from refugee camps in DR Congo and Tanzania. The team are committed to improving the lot of their people who have been in exile for many years. The team runs support projects like HIV/AIDS training and support, health centres and reconciliation seminars and training to help in the repatriation process. Since Rema is a non-profit organisation, and their staff have limited income, it is important to find ways of helping them to generate income in order that they can continue to fulfil their calling to help Burundi's returning people.
Mission International has agreed to help Rema by providing small one-off grants of £1000 to team members in order that they can set up an income generating project for themselves and their families so that the team members can focus on the work that they are called to do. Each grant/small project can provide up to 25% of the required income of a Rema team member's family.
Above a traditional bee hive is located in the branches of a tree. This system, while a long term honey producing method is limited in its success. Bees leave the hive when the rains come since the hive is not water proof.

The more modern hives are being introduced and will become very productive when the project has established itself.

Various parts of the country have lots of flowering plants for food production, the bees benefit the pollination of the fruits which form a major part of the local economy.

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